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Article Date: 31 October 2019

Winter is probably a time where you don't think much about your garden, however preparing now will leave your garden much healthier come spring. Not only will your garden be healthier come spring it will be easier for you to manage, as well as being a lot more pleasant to look at through winter :)

Long grass can kill patches of your garden and leave it yellow and sparse come the spring. It's easy to think you'll not need to worry about the garden for a good few months but worry you will if you see it in a mess all winter. The feeling of looking at a neat and tidy garden within winter really can be positive and uplifting.

Our Garden Clear Up Services

For winter garden maintenance we offer a lot more than just our usual garden clearance services, mainly due to some of the garden tasks only needing to be completed once a year. To start off with we can collect any rubbish from your garden and put it in our large van ready to dispose of.....Its surprising how much rubbish can get placed in the garden so we always start any garden clear up this way.

Garden Fence Repair

One of the most important winter garden tasks we can offer is fence repair and painting. The aim is to give the fence as much protection as possible, the painting giving the fence a nice protective layer for the winter weather. Further to that we can also fix any broken fence panels or aspects of the fence that may make it weak. During the winter months you want your fence to be as strong as possible so as to cope with the strong winds that often effect Sheffield in the dark months.

Garden Tidy and maintenance

Dead plants are unhealthy for a garden so clearing them away with other garden waste is also something that can be quite useful. A similar sort of service we can offer is to sweep leaves back onto the plant beds, which is good for nutrients for plants through the winter.

You may keep up to date with your weeding all year round but just before winter is a really important time to make sure weeds are all taken care of. As part of this garden service we rip weeds up or any bushes or plants that you don't want, clearing it away with all the other garden rubbish,

Garden Heavy Lifting Services

There are plenty of tasks in the garden that can be quite tough and require a couple of strong workers, which is certainly one of our specialities! These services we offer are not always disposing of rubbish it can also be arranging things so that items you may require for winter are more accessible. A main area this applies to is the garden shed which often gets cluttered and bulky items blocking the way. We can therefore move items around in your shed so that winter items are easy accessible, making sure you spend as less time as possible in the cold finding what you want!

Some plants fair better in doors through the winter so we can also bring plants into your house if you require for the cold winter months. Similarly, we can also move plants to your greenhouse if you require.

One final special garden winter maintenance task we can do is spreading compost and feed evenly over your garden to give your grass every chance to survive winter.


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