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What to do with rubbish when moving?

Article Date: 19 August 2019

Its amazing when you are moving house how much unwanted stuff you seem to find! Over the years the under the stairs space easily accumulates huge amounts of items that are out of site out of mind. This of course all comes to a head when you are packing items for moving home, suddenly a household rubbish collection is the obvious choice over putting it all in the removal van.

Now the options for removal of household rubbish is not just limited to a rubbish removal service, there are other things to consider too. These things can include cost of rubbish removal, environmentally friendly rubbish removal, convenience of rubbish removal….all in all it really just does depend on your specific circumstances. Fear not, we will try to describe every option available so that you can fit this in with your specific situation and the amount of rubbish you have that needs collecting.

Council rubbish collection

The cheapest rubbish removal service there is, is the standard rubbish collection services by the local council. Although cheap it is also a limited kind of service with black bins only been collected once every two weeks and the same for the blue recycle bin on the alternative weeks.

The collection in-frequency is not the only issue either as the bins are quite small so you will not be able to get much rubbish in them, especially with your usual weekly household rubbish mounting up too. If you have any unwanted furniture you want to throw away you can forget about this service as the size would be too big to fit in your usual bins.

Private rubbish collection

If you don’t want to wait for the usual bin collection day or you simply have too much rubbish to fit in the black bin (or even blue bin if recycling your waste), then a local rubbish removal company will probably be the best for you.

A private rubbish collection from one of these local companies will obviously cost more than the bin collection, as the bin collection is a free service! That being said it can be quite cost effective to have them collect your household rubbish at your convenience, also shopping around for the best rubbish clearance prices will help keep the price down.

Green Rubbish Removal

Private companies also come with the added benefit that they take all your rubbish without issue. One such genre of waste that can be tricky is green rubbish, which the council requests you to have a green bin for which costs £25 if you don't have one. Instead of having to mess about with this a private company will no doubt offer a garden waste removal service if some of your unwanted items are from the garden.

Environmentally friendly rubbish removal

The environment is also another factor to think about when deciding what to do with your rubbish when moving house. It would be easy just to discard everything but if you are concerned about the planet then rubbish recycling will be a good option for your peace of mind.

You could do all the recycling your self by going down to the local dumpit site and putting your unwanted rubbish in the relevant skips and containers. This could have the unwanted side effect of making your car a bit dirty or even scratching and damaging your car if you have large furniture that needs disposing of.

Some local companies rubbish clearance services do actually include recycling within the price of the rubbish removal. It may well be worth asking to make sure though as not all companies will have the same etiquette towards environment issues. As a side note it is always worth checking the rubbish removal companies credentials too as some dodgy companies with no insurance or reviews may actually just fly tip which is a huge problem for the environment.

Cheap rubbish removal

When it comes to cost of rubbish removal the cheapest is not always the best. If a rubbish removal quote seems too cheap then the likelihood is that it could cost you or the local area issues further down the line.

Try to get as detailed description as possible of the amount of waste that you have that needs removing and also what type of rubbish it is. If the price quoted by the rubbish disposal company is too cheap this could be because they have misunderstood how much rubbish you have. Never try to sneak it through without clarification, it could cause arguments later and cost you more for your household rubbish removing in the long run.

Waste management company policies

Check with the rubbish removal company to make sure that all rubbish cleared and at what time the rubbish pick up will be. The quote could be as cheap as anything but if the waste management company are only prepared to collect your rubbish when you are not in then the quote is a waste of time!

Ask to see their environmental policy on rubbish removal so you can see if they are ethical or not. One thing you do not want to be happening is fly tipping. Even though you were not the person actually doing the fly tipping, it could come back on you especially if the household rubbish includes items with your name and address on. The fine from the police could actually be landing on your doorstep and not that of the unscrupulous waste management company.

So affordable rubbish removal is a better way of looking at how much your pre-home move clear-out will cost you, simply because the cheapest rubbish clearance quote may actually be a false economy and have hidden issues.

Same day rubbish removal

As an alternative to cheap rubbish removal you may actually be willing to may a premium price for your items disposing of. These services can be a life saver if you have very specific circumstances. One such circumstance maybe if you have not given much thought or planning to the house move and have only just realised the day before your move, that you have a huge amount of junk that needs disposing off!

If this is the case it is worth asking some waste management companies if they actually offer a same day rubbish removal service. Even if their website does not mention this service it could be that the company, at certain quite times, can actually offer the service so always worth asking. The price for the rubbish removal may be more expensive this way as they may have to give overtime to their staff or re-arrange other jobs, however if its an emergency then its worth paying the extra for it.

Things to check before the rubbish collection day

If you opt for a private rubbish collection, when the actual day of the rubbish collection comes close it is always worth doing a few checks. First thing to check is that you have all the items ready for collection and disposing of, as well as making sure you have told the rubbish removal company about every item you need taking away….just to avoid confusing or complications on the day.

Once everything is ready the next thing to do is to call the rubbish removal company and make sure they have you booked in for the day requested. It may seem silly checking but sometimes admin issues do arise and there would be nothing worse for you than waiting around all day for no reason!

Good luck with your house move and the rubbish removal process and we hope it is as stress free as possible.

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