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Create more outdoor living space, cheaply!

Article Date: 31 May 2021

What’s the view like from your back windows? Have you got a garden to be proud of, or, at the very least, space to socialise, play and relax?

If you fancy ‘improving not moving’ and making your home more spacious and attractive, it could well be time to think ‘outdoors’, which may mean finding a reliable Sheffield waste collection service. This article looks at cheap ways to improve your garden and simple steps to enjoy more outdoor living space.

Reasons to focus on your home exterior

Everyone is talking about the great British staycation and all the wonderful places to visit. However, for many homeowners in the Sheffield area, their definition of a staycation will literally be holidaying in their own garden!

In fact, making more of outdoor living space was a trend long before the pandemic. People were increasingly finding ways to tidy up their outdoor space and make changes to enjoy more time with family and friends outdoors or to create a safe play area for their children and pets. Even folk living on their own realised their garden could be the best place for relaxation and fresh air.

Your outbuildings and property exterior could currently be badly under-used, as they offer great potential to create more room without the cost and hassle of moving to a new house. Some outdoor improvement projects even add value to your property when you come to sell it.

Here are five steps to create outdoor living spaces without spending a lot.

Step one – waste removal Sheffield

People store a massive amount of rubbish, redundant equipment and general waste in their garage, shed, outhouse or garden. Broken outdoor toys, cracked plant pots, lawn clippings and forgotten bicycles are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s tempting to throw all sorts into an outbuilding or dark corner of the garden!

If you’re planning to make low-cost outdoor improvements, the first task is to get rid of all that, which is something we would be delighted to help with.

Step two – make a plan

Once you have a much clearer space, and better-organised outbuildings, you can focus on the more creative tasks. Rather than throw yourself headfirst into garden improvements though, it's wise to invest time in creating sketches and taking notes.

Where would the best place be for a patio, decking or outside cooking area? Which bit of your garden gets the most sun, making it the ideal spot for new lawn chairs?

This process also enables you to shop around for the cheapest outdoor equipment and the best ways to create patios and decking on a budget. You may want to add a fire pit, BBQ or some new patio furniture to your shopping list and garden plan. There are now versions that slot into even the most compact garden or yard.

Step three – can you revive what’s there?

Using Sheffield waste collection services may well have freed up parts of your home exterior that you can now ‘repurpose’ or restore. For example, rather than investing in a swanky new summerhouse, could your newly emptied shed be used with slight adjustments?

It’s sometimes possible to remove panels and open up the structure on one side. Then, add a cheap garden bench or chairs, charity shop cushions and curtains, and create a sheltered place to relax outdoors. It’s also possible to buy glass and metal canopies to cover over patios and other garden areas, to create all-weather seating.

Also, consider whether engaging a jet wash service could revive your patio, decking and paths, so you don’t need to save up to replace them. Plus, it’s amazing how a coat of paint on walls, fences and decking can bring a tired garden back to life.

Step four – embrace the trend for recycling

One of the cheapest ways to make your garden look more attractive and interesting is by creating outdoor features from rubbish.

The possibilities are endless and can look both quirky and contemporary. For example, you could create planters from all sorts of different things, including chipped cups, bathtubs, old tyres, wellington boots, broken sets of draws and battered leather suitcases. Garden wall art can be crafted from cutlery, metal light fittings that don’t work, cycle wheels or even whole bicycles!

Old units and shelves create interesting holders for pot plants and garden lights, while handy outdoor seating can be built using crates, breeze blocks and planks. Or, continue the theme by buying garden furniture manufactured from recycled materials.

Step five – think year-round colour!

A garden doesn’t have to be perfectly laid out and maintained to be a wonderful living space. The best backdrop for relaxation and socialising is often a garden with your personality stamped on it.

You may want to create a theme and colour coordinate your decking, patio, furniture and planters. However, shabby chic is still on trend! Feel free to mix and match, splash colourful planters around, and grab bright and bold cushions for your seating. That way, you can enjoy a colourful garden even in the winter.

Don’t forget, we’re here year-round too, providing garden waste removal Sheffield homeowners can depend on.

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