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Winter Garden Waste Removal Job in Sheffield

Article Date: 29 January 2019

You might think that all garden waste removal services stop when the cold Sheffield winter sets in, however as testament to the commitment of AJL Waste Management Services even with near sub-zero temperatures we will be on hand for the removal of your garden rubbish.

Just the other day we had a booking for a garden rubbish removal in Sheffield for a family home with quite a lot of rubbish in their garden, so we scheduled in the work and got round with our thermal work gear on! The job was a bit tricky with some of the items being bulky but we got a hot cup of tea, so we didn't complain at all.

Good time of year for Garden Waste Removal?

A lot of Sheffield homes seam to seal off their garden for the winter period, however it is a great time to book garden waste removal in. The reason for this is that clearing the rubbish away from your garden in winter allows for the spring sun to aid a growth spurt to any grass that has been covered for any period of time.

Another good reason to get your garden rubbish removed in winter is that garden waste removal companies are not so busy in winter so can fit you in at short notice.

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