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Garden Outhouse Waste Removal Sheffield

Article Date: 11 March 2019

Garden outhouses are quite commonly used as a storage place for unwanted household items. Over the years the items get damp and mouldy and quite rightly no sane householder, then wants to dispose of the items. Therefore this case study for a Garden Outhouse Waste Removal in Sheffield is something of a typical job AJL Waste Management Services gets on a regular basis.

The Outhouse Waste Removal Request

A customer of ours initially just wanted a loft clearance as they were turning this into a new bedroom. When we gave them the quote for this they were pleasantly surprised by the cost and had ideas about making more room in the garden too. We then quoted to combine the job which would also involve the removal of all waste from within the garden outhouse too.

As you can see the outhouse was quite full with junk and would have taken a homeowner and their car huge amounts of trips to the skip, not to mention ruining the interior of their car! With our large wagon and a couple of dedicated workers, AJL Waste Management Services had the outhouse fully cleared of all the rubbish in no time at all.

The Outcome of this Waste Management Service

The garden outhouse was totally transformed once we had finished and gave the home owner quite a few ideas of what could be achieved with the new found space. The home owner was delighted with the waste management service we provided and the cost effectiveness of it will be immense, whether the outhouse is converted into an office, gym or any other annex of the house.

Photos from the outhouse rubbish removal process

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Garden outhouse clearance in Sheffield

AJL Waste Management Services' van filling up with rubbish from an outhouse clearance project

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